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Bintang Inter Global

Established in 2010, we have been helping brand owners expand their retail footprint across Indonesia. We provide end-to-end services, including import services, national distribution, retailer logistics fulfillment and as a value-added asset provider to address retailer needs such as chillers, freezers, and cold storage.

Our Services

Importer / National Distributor

Chiller / Freezer value-added provider

Third Party Logistics

Import / National Distribution

Need quick access to the vast Indonesian market? Bogged down by complicated customs clearance and endless paperwork? Supply chain solution for your products?

We at BIG provide product import and customs clearance services, sales and marketing support, and supply chain logistics support so that you can quickly launch your products to end users.

Chiller / Freezer value-added provider

How can I quickly connect my retailers to my cold chain logistics?

We provide nationwide coverage of cold chain assets to your retailers, from chilled beverages to frozen foods. With a ready technician team, operations reps, and merchandisers across the country, you can count on us to launch your chilled or frozen products across Indonesia in less than a month!

Third Party Logistics

Need a reliable logistics partner to move your goods inter-province, inter-city, and intra-city?

BIG provides a full 3PL solution for your logistics needs, from handling to warehousing and delivery. All are supported by our digital infrastructure, from Trace & Track to e-POD.

We Are Different For a Reason

Extensive Retailer knowledge and experience

Nation-wide geographical coverage

Trained Sales and Merchandising team across Indonesia

High adoption of Digital tools to complement Localized operations

Customized dashboards reporting to support business growth

Our Clients